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Has The Good Girl Gone Bad? See Recent Photos of Nora Thunderman That's Making Fans React

Greetings to all my Nickelodeon lovers out there, it sure has been a while since I brought some latest updates to your doorstep. Anyway, I've come up with another interesting discussion on the lifestyle of Addison Riecke who's widely known as Nora from The Thundermans.

(Nickelodeon's Thundermans)

Nickelodeon's Thundermans started in 2013 and ended in 2018, and in my own opinion, I'll say that it's among the best shows ever made by Nickelodeon. However, among the famous characters from the Thundermans, we have little Nora who loves bows and can shoot lasers from her eyes.

(Nora Thunderman)

This little Nora we know of then isn't the same innocent little angel now, she's all grown up and her recent photos on her Instagram are indeed breathtaking.

(Some recent photos of Nora Thunderman)

Not too long ago, she shared a photo of her and her boyfriend, they were celebrating their 7 months of the relationship.

(The photo she shared celebrating 7 months of togetherness)

Now she's shared another new set of photos, flaunting her new shoes and hairstyle. Check out these photos that she shared on her Instagram.

See some reactions in the comment section.

You can see that both her dressing appears to look like that of a rock star, could this mean that our cute little lover of bows is no longer the good little innocent Nora that we are all used to?

You can share your thoughts on these photos in the comment section below and don't forget to follow me for more updates.

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