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20 hilarious jokes of all time (laugh and forget your sorrows)

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Random jokes by your gentle servant 

Most of the guys that say they don't date

fat girls have fat mothers.

Be humble like your dad.


2. It's better to sit in a bar thinking about

God than to sit in a church thinking about



3. Have you ever been next to people


gossip so much that you're even scared of

leaving them cause you know you're

next. #emix .


4. The man who marries a beautiful

woman and the farmer who grows corn by the

roadside have thesame problem....

# isnotmyhandwrittenooooo


5. Some females are so afraid of killing

cockroaches but they already did 5

abortions. #isorite. . # continue. __________

6. You will see a 13 year old girl posting


like "I want to forget everything and


on" forget what little sister?... # pls_abeg_shift_


(The multiplication table?)


7. A man is the head of the family,

& a

woman is the neck that turns the head (smiles).



8. Treat every part of your towel nicely

because the part that wipes your


today may wipe your face tomorrow (Real



9. If a girl dumps you because you don't

have money and after you have made

money... She comes back begging...

My brother... Forgive her... Promise her

marriage... Tell her family that you want


renovate their house... Remove their

roof and

DISAPPEAR. Guy you wan turn devil be that .



10. When you see a poor man eating


he is either sick or the chicken was sick ( I

am a witness)

Which number makes u smile?

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