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See Funny Photos And Captions That Will Make You Laugh Hard This Weekend

- Hello everyone, happy weekends to you all, I know that many of us here are going through hard times now, for that have made many to be restless. Sometimes its good to have fun because life is too short for sad moments.

- I will be bringing to you some hilarious photos that will make you laugh hard and forget your sorrows. I assure you that this funny pictures will make your weekend.


"Yawa don burst" see how a maid made his master in trouble


If you are in there shoes, what will be your reaction?


When you so much have love for birds, how many can wear this?


This is the bitter Truth..


For this chicken muscles to be this huge, it must have been going to gym.


This my brother will say in his mind that, he is not the one that brought problems to this Earth, how can he fast for the day..


For this man to eat this way, this chicken must be stolen . .lol


When Nigerian mama hears how twitter was hack, and the scammer made about $


When you invited a camera man in your occasion with PhD in Photography.. lol


When pastor tells you that you must drive a car, and you still have hope at 70 years


When you don't really understand what "seat belt" is ment for, but you just needed to try it.


let them go ahead and decide anything the want to resume schools, I am still enjoying home, "Wetin concern me"


When your baby wouldn't let you be, see what you have to do..


When you have too much love for your son, this is what happens..


For the love he has for his cows, this is what happens.


When you lied to your Oga that you had an accident, you will be absent from work, and he needs prove.


After 20 years in prison without cutting your nail, and finally you are discharged.


This is the simple way to identify lazy officers on duty.


When they declares free food in the community, this is what happens.


When your goat is been transported from East to North, this is what happens in the morning.


After Emeka dies without paying you the N5, 000 he borrowed from you.


When you see your goat as your pet.


When you have PhD in Okada business.


my brother, to be a Nigerian is a big job.


Justice for John the Baptist, who is with me.


I thought it's only me that noticed this


If I say where this man come from now, they will say I hate Akwa-Ibom people.


After walking in Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt. This is what I do, for inspection

I know you must have laughed away you sorrows , it'soo really entertaining. Please, do like and share, also follow this page for more updates, thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Princewrittah (via Opera News )


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