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The reasons power rangers was cancelled on Nickelodeon.

Power rangers is a show loved by everyone, but due to some reasons Nickelodeon stop showing it.

Here are the possible reasons:

1. Nickelodeon have stopped showing power rangers because of the violence in the show. Some kids see this violent acts and start to practice them, parents complained and so to prevent it from happening again, they stopped airing the show.

2. The other reason is that seeing that Power rangers under Saban Brands feels cheap with bad acting and stuff not to mention adding the sentai footage in this current age.,The ratings are low ,Nickelodeon is not interested in the franchise since it is not under their brand it's Saban Brands which is why it is giving it too much hiatus and it gets low ratings.

Do you think power rangers should be brought back or should be left out. Your opinion counts.

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