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"Cooking Is Meant Only For The Wife" (OPINION)

There have been several debates on whether cooking in a family should be done by only the wife. Many others also believe that any of the genders, whether husband and wife can undertake the cooking.

Many of the past African cultures believed that "Women's education end up in Kitchen", with a belief that they are only meant to cook and serve their husbands.

Well, there's no rule that says that only the wife should cook. There have been so many cases where the husband is seen assisting the wife in cooking, maybe because the wife doesn't know how to cook or that she might be ill or some other reasons.

See photos of both gender cooking together below;

Other rich families might hire a cook or a maid to take up the cooking work for them. This article is trying to point out whether the wife is the only one meant to be cooking in a family of not, should the husband be seen cooking or assisting her?

Is there any problem associated with the husband taking up the cooking?

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