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Do You Want To Laugh? Check Out These 37+ Funny Photos And Memes

No matter how much hate and anger a person carries in his heart, he will laugh when he sees something funny.

According to research, when a person consistently have a good laugh, there is always a tendency that he or she does not experience quick aging as the face remains wrinkles free and ever young.

This is why I have come here today, as your comedy doctor to give you a good dose of photographs, consisting of funny memes, jokes and quotes that will make you laugh until your face becomes "younger" than it was. 😂

As stated earlier, this is for you-- it is intended to make you laugh away all your sorrows and everything bothering you. So, sit back and enjoy.

Have you ever wondered how nollywood make those scenes where the face of the "okada" man is shown? Here it is... 🤣

Can anyone please explain to us what's going on here?

This is what we call "tight security"

What these people are planning to do is confusing me seriously... 😎

Egungun has visited the ATM. I wonder what's his real name is..

This one got me rolling on the floor..

What should we call this woman?

To me, this is the perfect example of a vegetarian. I call him the "plantain boy" 🤣

Whoever motivated this goat should be arrested.

When you want to drink water like a big boy 🤣

If this lawyer handle your case, you're gone.

Forget that rubbish you are eating. This is the real coconut rice.

Hope you had a good time?

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