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Many Years After Singing 'Awilo Longomba'- See Recent Photos Of Awilo Longomba And What He Is Doing

If you are a kid who grew up in Africa in the late 80s and 90s, then you must have dance to Awilo Longomba. Awilo Lokomba was one of the songs that we couldn't get enough of in the 90s, the song was so good that people can dance to it for hours without getting tired.

Some people even went to the club just to dance to the songs, the most funny thing is that the song was sang in an unknown language, and up till today most people don't knows what the song was talking about.

Awilo Longomba who was born on May 5th 1992 in Congo is the singer of the popular Awilo Longomba song, Awilo was a drummer before he venture into music in the year 1995 after releasing his first album titled 'Moto Pamba', he released several other albums including Awilo Longomba, which was a hit not only in Africa but in Europe and America.

He sing in a language that most people don't understand but his songs are unique, the dance in the music video is another addition to the reason why people couldn't stop dancing to the song.

A lot of people have not heard from Awilo Longomba for a long time, and they have been wondering where he is. Awilo now reside in the United States with his family, he is married to Paradis Kacharelle and they have a son. Awilo is blessed with a wonderful family and they are living happily in the United States.

Awilo Longomba is still a drummer and he always visit the Jim to stay fit.

Some of his recent photos:

Do you remember this music legend? Did you dance to the Awilo Longomba song?

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