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Kannywood Actresses: A Glimpse Of The Beautiful Northern Women

Good day readers of Opera Hub.

I'm confident you have been hearing about Kannywood industry for quite a while and you have seen some pictures of their actors and actresses on various social media platforms or even on this very platform. Well, rest assured that I will share with you some of the unique features of northern Nigerian women that this Kannywood actresses summarise. This is my own unique and special report that every fan of Kannywood will definitely enjoy. I have about 50 pictures here or less to quench your thirst for northern beauty.

Of course the Women of Northern Nigeria are beautiful and symbolize everything to be called a beauty. This debate has been going on for so long in Nigerian social media space and I think with this, I will convince you so. I will start by taking you on a brief tour of inside the Kannywood.

So, The Word Kannywood was formed from Kano state, the Base of the Industry and many of its actors and actresses are from Kano state. Kannywood is the movie industry that specializes in production of Hausa language films. The popularity of the industry goes beyond Nigeria as some the movies produced here have large number of viewers in other parts of Africa and beyond. Kannywood has a lot of talented beautiful actresses that are household names among viewers based on their impressive performances in movies. Some notable and controversial actresses are also included here. Such as Amina Tsamiya, Maryam Yahya, Rahma Sadau, Fati Washa, Hadiza Gabon, Halima Atete, Maryam Booth, Jamila Nagudu Safara'u, Maryam Yola and many more Kannywood Superstars.

Though Kannywood is the Hausa language movie industry in Nigeria, there are definitely people who are not originally Hausa but can speak the language, and as such, act in the industry. The focus of my writeup is on the Hausa actresses in kannywood that are based in the northern Nigeria.

If you love Kannywood movies, you must already know some of these actresses above. These women are talented and beautiful and their appearance in films is like jewels in a crown. Together they contributed immensely to the development of Kannywood today though sometimes there is always controversy surrounding their lifestyles but this is nothing new to somebody who basically live in the public eyes.

For me, I think beauty has nothing to do with nudity but not everyone will agree with me on that. You know, from various posts on Instagram and Twitter, you will definitely see some women half clad with bare cleavages chasing for clout. This is an abuse of the social space. Children access it, how can one justify such a repulsive act ?

You have seen how decently dressed this actresses are and the way they dress did not conceal their beauty and neither did it hinder their progress in their various field of endeavour. I think this is something we should copy in this country. How they keep their modesty and decency and still promote their culture, northern ethics and lifestyles is super impressive. Follow me and comment your opinion. Thanks for reading.

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