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I Mistakenly Married A Witch For Riches, And This Is What I'm Passing Through Every Night (Fiction)

Hello everyone, my name is John, and I'm from Oyo State but presently I reside in Lagos State. As everyone knows how the situation of the country was and is, so I had to take my level to the next level by marrying a woman who I didn't know was a witch for riches. And fortunately for me, it went out well when we first started but about 3 years after, I stated facing a lot of challenges and a lot of Ill-treatment, and that's why I'm seeking you people's advice on what I can do to be free from this woman.

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Right from the start my Family has been ever poor, infact it seems like a generational curse cause I can't single out just a person that came out of my family and became successful in life. And when I noticed this, I decided to make an end to this challenges that has ravaged my generation to the very last of "poverty".

So I made researches on how I can put an end to this, and lo and behold, I got an one-time solution and it was to marry a woman, who is a well known Witch but I wasn't aware cause she was nice and very beautiful.

So I made up my mind and decided to marry her since I was eventually going to be rich and also help fight my family's spiritual battles. Not knowing I was signing up to be a slave in my own matrimonial home.

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I'll try and make everything short so you don't get bored of reading. Stick with me and don't forget to please drop your comments below.

When I got married to my wife, everything was actually working out well for me and she was still giving me the respect of been her husband. And I started thinking at last I have fulfilled my dream in this world. I thought all that glitters was gold not knowing I was signing up for something that I'll later regret.

Days after days, my family started enjoying the goodies and everyone was doing well and I thought I'd seen my savior.

But just about 2 years after we got married, then she started changing towards me, her attitudes changed which I didn't see coming. At night, she will just lay down lifelessly in bed and she won't be responding to any of my calls.

I recall the first day I saw her behave like that, I thought she was died cause she practically went numb for some hours. I tried to wake her up and she's wasn't responding. I started sweating cause I thought my savior was gone. Infact I already picked my phone and called my brother that my wife was dead and to my surprise she woke up around 5am.

And when she came back to life, she got mad at me for calling my brother and told me not to try and wake her up anytime she went for her usual meeting at their coven. And that was when I realized that I'd truly married a witch.

It went from days to months, and I couldn't sleep in my own house again without hearing strange voices of birds and my wife always pretended as if she doesn't hear those sounds.

After some months, I got her pregnant and I was very happy when the news can to me that she was pregnant for me. But on the fifth months of her pregnancy, she got ill and I started taking her from one hospital to the other and the saddest of all, she lost the baby. I was not happy and also in pain but it looked as if she wasn't even moved.

To make everything short, I told my pastor in church and he told me that my wife's miscarriage on the 5th month was to upgrade her power in their coven. And that was what she used it for.

Few months after that event, everything started falling apart for my family and I, I lost my job, and my family members started complaining of hardship and a lot of problems was just falling in place for everyone of us. Sometimes I won't even be able to make N500 a day, and my colleagues just changed towards me in a twinkle of an eye. Bad luck was just taking charge of my life.

And now the what scares me most is that the level of things had changed in the house, now I hear scary birds making noise in my ears every night, cats meowing. Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I see someone at my back wanting to ransack me. And when I turn around I won't see anything. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night, and notice that some people came to our house to eat and everywhere would just look untidy, mostly our kitchen.

And right now, I don't know which step I can take. I'd thought about telling her I'm not interested again and ask for divorce but how will I divorce a witch? the thought of what she will do to me gets me scared. I need solutions to this my brothers and sisters out there. Please no little how your advice might be, it would still be helpful to me. Don't go without sharing this to everyone around you and also drop your comments below. Thanks for reading.




Your advice is needed urgently on this, share your thoughts.

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