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Super-Man and Wonder-Woman Vs Thor and Hela(Thor Ragnarok)

Thor and Hela easily.

Awakened Thor can keep up with Superman, as Superman’s speed will be slightly neutralized with Thor’s lightning cloak, and Thor can resist the Heat Vision and Freeze Breath. Thor can contest Superman’s strength, but he will ultimately lose after a while.

Hela, however, stomps Wonder Woman. She is far more skilled than Wonder Woman, and can summon giant spikes, or a huge amount of spikes. Her skill combined with random weapon summoning makes her unbeatable in CQC, and at a range, Wonder Woman can only use her Lasso, and even if she does, Hela can still summon a giant spike to kill her. Hela is also far stronger, as she is still far stronger than Thor, who is stronger than Wonder Woman. Her regeneration against bladed objects also basically mean that Wonder Woman can’t kill her. She wins.

Once Hela is finished, she can send weapons to Thor or at Superman. Since Superman isn’t invulnerable to magical blades, they can beat Superman.

If Thor has Stormbreaker, then he can win against Superman, and they finish the fight even easier.

Thor without Stormbreaker and Hela win 7/10.

Thor with Stormbreaker and Hela win 9/10.

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