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How to make her miss you

1. Make her feel jealous

Do not make it too obvious, though. Consider flirting with other girls and give them tons of attention. Let her feel ignored as this will get her more attracted to you. Girls love what they have to work for.

2. Ask your girl out on a date again

If you are absolutely convinced she might like you back or if you started feeling like she has somehow warmed up to you after some time spent apart, try touching her places you normally do and see if she reciprocates your gesture or turn you down which isn't really a bad sign yet. She might still be playing hard to get.

3. Check out if she has warmed up to you

Have you ever caught your almost-ex-girlfriend lovingly staring at you? If she shows that sign, then she still loves you and hope you come back to her soon. She might have seen wonderful changes in you.

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