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Do you remember Actor JET LI? See how Old He Looks Now (Pictures)

Do you remember Jet Li? See how Old he looks now.

Growing up in Nigeria as a kid with so much passion for martial arts commonly called kung fu we have few actors from Chinese we are so glued to their movies, they made our childhood so interesting and memorable, the likes of Jet LI, Jackie Chan, Bruce lee and others.

These Chinese actors are so qualified in their various role, Jet is known as no nonsense man who's always mean in his films and don't joke on mission unlike Jackie who prefers making fun of missions, we love these men differently due to their high expertise in Martial arts.

Fast forward to today, these great actors are aging by the day coupled with one health challenge to the other.

Jet LI as fondly called is a Chinese professional film producer, actor as well as martial artist. He started his acting career as early as 1982 when he featured in Shaolin temple at age of 19. Other subsequent movies are Once upon a time in China 1993, Fist of legend 1994.

In 1998 Jet LI featured in his first non Chinese film titled lethal weapon and Main character in Romeo must die 2000. Afterward he rises to stardom in Hollywood industry International action films, Featuring in Unleashed, Forbidden kingdom, War, and the Expendables.

Today we would like to remember those amazing memories this actor embedded in us as well share his new pictures, how quick our hero is aging.

Below are some recent Picture of Jet lie, you can view them and see how old he looks now.

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