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Here Are Some Horror Movies You Should Not Watch At Night

Here are the scariest horror movie of all time.

1: A nightmare on elm Street (1980)

Any one who grew up in the 80s while Wes craven was unleashing installments of Freddy krueger mayhem the way willy wonka's candy man doles out sweet treats will understand why this nightmare lives not on elm street but in the back corner of our mind—forever burned into our psyche. In the franchise opener, we're introduced to the sardonic villain, and the group of teenagers on his to— kill list.

2: Under the shadow (2016)

Writer/director babak anvari weaves Iranian politics and social mores into his farsi–language horror debut about living, or rather, fighting to stay alive in 1988 Teran, during the war of the cities air raid period iran–iraq war.

3: The ring (2002)

Seven days, that's how long the goners in gore verbinski's ring has to wait to die after watching a certain possessed videotape. And even though the cinema of the unsettling images are captured on a medium as outdated as the newspaper, Verbinski's atmospheric flourishes and scream queen naomi watts's chilling performance cement this Japanese horror adaptation as one of the genre's great.

4: The Texas chain saw massacre (1974)

This is one of the most horror movies in the year 1974.

5: The Blair witch project (1999)

This is one of the most horror movie in the year 1999. Love it or laugh it, the Blair witch project is the godfather of found–footage horror.

6: Countdown (2020)

Countdown is one of the latest horror movies, where you download an app which tells u exactly when u are going to die.

It is a cause so once u are told when to die u will be hunted by demons.

Please parents don't let your kids watch this movies in the night or even the day time cause it will affect them psychologically.

Please share this news so it can go round.

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