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"What Kind Of People Are this?", See Photos Of People With the Strangest Talents

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It's hard to believe that so many different people with different talents exists around the world. While most of these talents are truly amazing, some of them are also really weird. From dancing eyeballs to tongue painting, here are 5 people with the strangest talents:

5. Milky Eyes:

Mister Yilmaz might hold one of the world's most bizzare records only because it involves milk. The Turkish construction worker in able to loudly snort milk up nose and squirt it out one of his eyes. Apparently, there are not many people in the world who can perform this trick because of an anormaly in their tear glands. Since 2004, Yilmaz holds the record for the farthest milk squirting distance, which measures to 9 feet and 2 inches (2.8M).

4. Pop Eyes:

This talent might freak you out a bit because Kim Goodman has the ultimate facial expression. The U.S resident can pop her eyeballs to about 12mm. If you don't believe that, her popped-out eyes were actually measured in turkey in 2007. Goodman has "Proptosis", which is a term for eyeball displacement or bulging eyeballs. She discovered this when she was hit on the head by a hocky mask. Now, she can pop out her eyes on cue! IMPRESSIVE!

3. Tongue Painter:

All you need is a 'lick of paint' to become an artist nowadays. Ani K does exactly that by using his tongue to produce artworks. The Indian artist licks paints into the canvas and then Twist his head to form different strokes. And if you didn't think that was impressive, he has created more than 1000 artworks. One of his biggest works is he eight foot (2.5M) rendering of Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Super".

4. King Tooth:

We all want healthy teeth, but we never thought it would be possible to have teeth as strong as steel. In october 2003, Ratha Krishman Very also known as "king Tooth" pulled 260.8 Ton train over 13 feet, 9 inches (4.2M) using rope clinched to his mouth. A strict vegetarian ethnic Indian, he said he gains his strength from an Indian form of daily meditation. He also runs 15.5 miles (25km) everyday and lifts bars up to 550 pounds (250kg) a day to keep him in the best shape possible.

5. Elastic Girl:

Russian contortionist Zlata manages to defy every law with her moves. From raising legs over head to winning Guinness world records. This lady can even fit inside a 50cm box. She's a star! Zlata's so popular now that she poses the flexibility moves in her own featured calendar wearing racy outfits.So what do you think, which of these weird talents suprised you the most? Please comment so I can know what you think and I will surely reply back. Don't forget to follow me, like and share. Thanks.

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