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I Came Back Home Only To Meet My Brother Doing This To My Wife (Fiction)

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Now I'm going to make this story short and incomprehensible enough for you to understand the kind of pains and regrets I experienced after this incident.  

My name is Mr Gost, and I was happily married to my wife Sarah. I and Sarah met at a funeral home when she attended a funeral service of her boss. Now before you say anything I admit, a funeral service is kinda of a wrong place to hit on a lady but then, I assure you, Me and Sarah fell in love at first sight.

She was looking like an Egyptian goddess, dressed in her white gown with a leather bag and dark shades. 

The first time I saw Sarah I felt my heart beat in milliseconds which is pretty weird because it has never happened before. 

Well I finally walk up to her and introduce myself and for some minutes she just pretended as if I wasn't there, so I decided to do the unthinkable; I lean in and gave her a quick peck on her chicks, immediately Sarah turned smiled and started walking back home 

I followed Sarah wherever she goes and then when she finally got home, she took her birth and got on the bed. 

One thing leads to another, and we got married that very night. I guess I'm just lucky to find someone who loves me the same way I love her. 

I stayed with Sara for just a week before my heart was crashed. In my whole existence I would have never guessed Sarah would do such a thing to me, But she did and now I can't love again.

Within the same week we got married, Sarah started acting weird, she would either not talk to me and stay quiet even though I try to confront her, or she would go out and sleep in her friend's house. Why will a married woman do that ? That is the question I kept asking till that very day that I caught her red-handed, right on our matrimonial bed. 

It was on a Saturday morning, I decided to travel to the village to greet my mum but on getting to the village no one was home, so I flew back home only for me to come and find my wife Sarah together with my own brother sitting on the bed, busy cuddling under the bedsheet. 

Only God knows how my own brother knew my wife and why he did what he did. Well I couldn't do anything since I'm a ghost who died 8 years ago.

I just decided to fly back to where I was, hopefully to find another lover soon. 

The End. 

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