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The Side effects of Premarital Sex

The side effect of premarital sex is much but the most prominent ones are the ones we would be discussing. Premarital sex doesn't conform with any religious practices. It's the cause of all the breakages of marriages in our modern society.

Marriage is a union between two people. It's a transition process. Two people from different background come together to stand as one. During this process, the couples are supposed to learn from each other,understand each other and come together to breed good children who would in turn be good ambassadors of their parents.

Nowadays the society is breeding children from broken homes that is their parents had divorced. Raising children with psychological problems. These children grow up to be having a lot of insecurities in their lives because they lack sound parental care and love. These children also grow up with so much hate in their minds that they end up also becoming very violent in their married lives.

It's Paramount to avoid sex before marriage in order to safeguard us from experiencing so much problems in our marriages or divorce. Premarital sex isn't good. Below are the list of problems associated with premarital sex.

Side Effects Of Premarital Sex




4 Lack of Trust

5. Inability of Couples to be contented each other


Jealously mostly arises in relationships or marriages because either the man or woman is having a promiscuous behavior. It's not bad to be jealous of ones lover but when it's done with love and care its different. Some couples go extreme to the extend of beating or killing their partners of because they felt they are jealous and assumed their partners are flirting.


The jealous lover is unsecured. He feels someone would steal away his or her partner away because of the lifestyle they had before marriage. Sex before marriage is really bad that some women really feel insecure in their marriages. They always assumed somebody like an ex would steal away their man away from them.


Premarital sex causes suspicion. Either of the couples begins to suspect or doubt their love. They check for clues in their partners closet,cars or phones. They are always are suspecting and this causes a lot of fights. The atmosphere won't be conducive for breeding children healthy children.

4.Lack of Trust

There isn't any single trust with couples who had premarital sex. They just believed that they are still keeping lovers outside home.

5.Inability of The Couples To be Contented with Each Other

Premarital sex makes couples not to be contented with each other because they assumed both partners might have had other experiences with other lovers.


It's important to start a relationship with the fear of God and avoid premarital sex. Avoid doing it outside marriage, it would save you a lot of troubles.

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