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10 Celebrities Who Were Bullied When They Were Young

10. Rihanna

The music artist had a difficult upbringing. School children bullied her for a variety of reasons, beginning with her green eyes and skin, which were regarded as too pale in her native country. Rihanna has completely overcome the bullying, and she is glad for the experience that has strengthened her.

9. Jackie Chan

It's hard to believe that someone so skilled in martial arts would dare to be pick on, yet there were moments when Jackie Chan was too afraid to defend himself. He recalls being afraid of bullies and having no idea how to defend himself.

When he stood up to defend another student who was being tormented in front of him, it was the turning point. Indeed, compassion breeds bravery!

8. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet never hid the fact that she was an overweight kid who was bullied and called names as a result of it. Her teachers, on the other hand, denied that she was being bullied, therefore the subject was brought up again later. She was said to be a high-achieving student who was friends with all of the kids.

This misinformation, according to Kate, stems from the fact that victims of bullying are scared and isolated, making it difficult for them to speak up about their suffering. She only confided in one teacher, who aided her during a difficult period. Kate emphasizes the value of this support and wishes for it to be available to every bullied youngster.

7. Robert Pattinson

This celebrity heartthrob also admits to being unpopular in high school. His early enthusiasm for acting was misunderstood by his peers, and he received a lot of abuse as a result.

Robert Pattinson has learnt to turn his experience into rebellious and aggressive personas over the years.

6. Victoria Beckham

Victoria understands better than anyone that children can be cruel. Bullies picked on her because she was thin and had a gap in her front teeth, but they went one step further and made her a scapegoat. They threw dirt at her, pushed her around, and threatened her.

Perhaps this is why, when it comes to her own children, she is so severe and protective. Brooklyn, her eldest son, is known for his impeccable behavior, as she sets rules for online security and monitors everything he posts. Brooklyn, like his younger siblings, is known for his impeccable behavior.

5. Christian Bale

The batman actor began his acting career at a young age and was bullied not for his physical appearance, but for his achievement. His personality was shaped by the mocking he received as a child.

4. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has been chastised and humiliated in the past despite her attractiveness, power, brilliance, and likability. Her contemporaries believed her European style was ugly and clownish because her family had moved to the United States from Germany. They also made fun of her lisp.

Today, the actress sees herself as powerful enough to speak out on behalf of bullied people.

3. Justin Timberlake

Bullying was a feature of the renowned singer and pop idol of his generation's childhood. He admits that he was anything from cool. Justin's acne, "weird hair," and predilection for arts and music over sports did not endear him to his peers, who dubbed him "sissy."

2. Angelina Jolie

Despite the fact that she denies being bullied, Angelina Jolie was given nicknames and harassed due of her attractiveness, according to a former caregiver. Her broad shoulders, long legs, and huge lips, which are now popular, were clearly unfashionable at the time.

Perhaps the actress simply does not want to remember the traumatic events in her life, or perhaps she was simply oblivious.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise had a tough childhood. He claimed that his father was "the type of person who kicks you in the shins if something goes wrong." Cruise went to 15 different schools in 12 years due to his family's frequent moves.

Kids taunted him because he struggled with reading and was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven. The inspiring thing is that, because to his mother's strong and daring attitude, he eventually learned to stand up for himself.

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