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Funny Joke Of The Day

One word for this woman

Welcome to today's joke titled "one word for this woman", hope you enjoy it

How did the Fight start?:

After Service on Sunday, a lady saw Her Husband sitting quietly in the Church Garden. She got concerned and decided to find out what was wrong.

Wife: Hey Darling, why are you sitting so quietly in the Garden? What is Bothering you?

Husband: I am thinking about the Confession of Our Pastor made today. It's making Me Uncomfortable.

Wife: What is it?

Husband: the Pastor confessed that He has Slept with all the Married Women and single girls in this church but only one woman didn't want to Sleep with him because she Fears God.

Wife: It must be that Madam Comfort...She's always doing Holy Holy...


One word for this woman

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Church Garden Darling


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