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OPINION: The People You are Trying To Impress Don't Really Care!

Let me share a story with you.

I was in a pal's shop one day when a guy came in to buy some things. He picked up different items, some of which were two or three packs of different brands of the same items. For instance, he picked two big tins of powdered peak milk, one big tin of powdered cowbell milk and one of 3Crowns. He basically selected different things. 

When he was through, he went to the shop attendant to make payment but he didn't have money to pay for everything. At first, I felt he lost his money or credit card or something like that but I kept quiet, as the drama unfolded.

"What happened sir? Did you misplace your money?" Asked the attendant.

"No, I didn't. I just don't have enough money to pay for all of these items." He replied.

"Why not return some of them and buy only the very important ones that you can afford?" Suggested the attendant.

"No no no! I can't return them. I'm expecting a guest that will spend the weekend with me. I want my guest to see how good my life is." He replied.

"OK sir. Now that you don't have the complete money to pay, what are you going to do?" Asked the attendant.

"Erm! I will pay you the balance much later when I have the money." He answered.

"I understand that you want to impress your friend but I'm sorry sir. We operate a NO-CREDIT policy here. So, you'll have to return some items to the shelf." She politely replied.

Some of us are like that guy.

***We buy things we don't really need.

***We spend money and do things to impress people who sometimes aren't even moved by the rubbish we do.

***We live lives we cannot afford.

LISTEN: The people you are trying to impress are usually not impressed by your acts. You cannot sustain a fake life. You might be saying now "Ah Mr Victor Eulogy! Haven't you heard the popular saying 'Fake It To Make It?' Yes, I have heard it but how long will you continue to fake it? Sooner or later, you'll find yourself boxed up in a corner of troubles and regrets.

© Victor Eulogy


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