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"My Girlfriend Is The Cause Of Our Failed Relationship" - Man Absolves Himself Of Any Blame

Quite funny the way some ladies carry on with being religious even as against all odds especially those who are tilting towards getting married. Most ladies who have decided to chart the part of "being righteous" so as not to appear cheap or gullible end up being the ones not getting married in time (which could be true in some cases).

Do we blame them for being stiff towards guys who see them as "play toys" to satisfy their sexual urge. Alot of ladies these days have learnt their lessons the hard way and have "solemnly taken a vow" not to indulge in sexual acts before they get married.

A man named Mavin Omuka Kross got more than he bargained for. He took to Facebook to narrate a recent experience he had with a lady he was 'intending' to get married to.

Mavin's story opens up the kind of scenery a guy usually experience with some of these 'SU' ladies who have vowed not to allow a man see their nakedness before marriage. Marvin narrated what transpired between his 'girlfriend' who came for a visit because she had a "need".

It's an interesting read and I will implore you to read to the end...

Well, intentions could be different and I don't blame the lady for taking her stance and voicing out her position. I bet Mavin was surprised she came out bluntly with what she said, I guess that's what killed the morale and interest from him.

She could have devised another means of communicating her refusal to him knowing fully well she came on a mission. She lost both the money and her relationship to him, isn't that foolish of her to react in that manner?

Let's have your opinion..

As a lady what would have done?

As a guy what would be your reaction? I will be in the comment section to interact with you...

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