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I Don't Care About You And No One Cares About You, Tochi Gives it Hot To Boss Lady Ka3na

Yesterday Big Brother Naija Reunion was very hot and dramatic. Kaisha explained the reason she stopped following Ka3na and Lucy. According to Ka3na, they all wanted to go out for a party and her Mom requested to go with them. At first, they all thought about it and told her not to but she insisted and they couldn't help it.

She revealed that what made her cut ties with Ka3na was when her Mom requested to take a picture with Ka3na at the Party but Ka3na ask her Mom to come down to her room for the picture. Kaisha explained that it was very disrespectful for a young girl to ask a Mom to come to her apartment for a picture.

Kaisha explained that she respects Mothers a lot and what Ka3na did was very disrespectful to her Mom. Ka3na also defended herself and said that the music was Loud and what she heard was Manager and not Mom.

Lucy then took over and asked Kaisha if her Mother was a Chief Fruit and it resulted in a serious fight. Both Kaisha and Lucy fought and removed each other's wig. Many people that watched this clip revealed how disrespectful and ugly it is to fight on national television. Tochi and Ka3na also had a very big issue and they shouted at each other yesterday.

Tochi revealed that Ka3na is on a high standard, he made it known that she is a bully and troubled. Tochi told Ka3na that she should stop behaving like a Boss lady because nobody sees or care about her. Tochi also said that he doesn't care a bit about Ka3na and he doesn't want to be friends with her because he is not going to benefit from her.

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