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FUNNY: See 10 Savage Twitter Replies

@MisterObservist: I come alive in the nighttime


@Olumuyiwa: Pele o, big gen.

@YSGNG: If you are above 28 and not married and you are celebrating birthday as if you gave birth to a child... You should be insulted.


@lolaloveandart: Your name is irony right? A bad joke. Like your folks were like "This baby looks foolish. Let's name him Solomon".

@iam_Davido: Best show on Netflix rn?


@tobejoachim: you have bigger problems like your voice


@iam_Davido: Wey your papa and mama dey dance too.

@Ola_modem: Nigeria will soon run out of Medical doctors or be left with quacks


@l_pissVodka: Small doctor is not going anywhere.

@FolaRedDevil: I still think I'm not the only one that eats boiled egg without peeling the shell


@Mosunmolaa_A: Even the ones they put inside sacrifice are peeled so who do you think you are?

@klassic_uc: I will rather go simless than using a glo sim


Globacom_: Who told you we need you before. You that's still oweing airtel 100. We don't want you abeg.

@That_IjebuBadoo: What's the funniest/silliest reason you got blocked for on twitter?


@Lionezz_: I told Tonto Dikeh that if they tried to play that her first single on my funeral, I'll wake & kill everyone.

@HamisaHassani: I ain't from this plannet.

Reply: Even DJ Neptune is from this planet, who the hell do you think you are?

@Benedictnsi: You too dull so teh... Even your EMOJI is Yellow.


Globacom_: Show me a face Emoji with another colour. Press 1 to have sense.

@amconor: Kenyan runners are very fast because they imagine hunger chasing them #KenyansVsNigerians


@PAPY_CHU_LO: people doing bleaching cream failed when they got to kenya.... always know your limits #KenyansVsNigerians

I hope you enjoyed these savage replies.

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