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This is what it means when they say "This Life No Balance"- 17 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

They say a smile is a curve that sets everything straight, that is why I've decided to compile these funny pictures in order to not only make you smile but also laugh really hard. Laughter is very important, it is believed to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and increase muscle flexion. But all of that is science and not everyone understands all of that, but I'm one hundred percent sure that we all know that laughter brightens up our day. You'll be having a bad day and then suddenly something funny happens or you read something funny and suddenly you're laughing you guts out. Before you know it, you're feeling better and your mood is completely changed.

I have taken my time to compile these funny pictures and I very confident it'll make you smile, at their very least. That's if you're not laughing like someone who's high on laughing gas.

Here are the pictures

1. Catch me if you can, I don japa.

2. Brother, which corona are you talking about please ?

3. Na joke o, Baba, na joke o

4. If it's like this then all of us be liars5. Like say they'll not sheet again

6. No lies detected. These guys are legends

7. Na true o

8. This is exactly what it means when they say "This life no balance". Chaai, nothing matters when you break the law

9. The way I will use my slippers to destroy it ehn, it won't come back to my house in it's next life.

10. For where ? Even the once I will collect sef, na with prayers.

11. This is funny.

12. Whaaat ? I'm rolling on the floor

13. You must be whining yourself. I never see who will settle this matter

14. E be things

15. Chisom, that's her name. That girl dey fear me

16. You say what ?

17. Yes you, I'm talking to you. Like this article you hear ?

I hope I have at the very least made you smile ? Please Like and Share this article.

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Content created and supplied by: Legiitwriter (via Opera News )

This Life No Balance


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