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"Jingle Bell" See The Original Meaning Of One Of The Most Popular Theme Song

Learning has been said to be a continuous process and a life long engagement, an old saying but without any form of doubt is one that truly hold waters, because in acquiring knowledge we begin to improve ourselves and become better in every aspects of our human endeavors.

Growing up for most people their fond memories would be the ones as a child, when everything was easily taken care of by parents and elderly ones who are saddled with such responsibilities as they come, ranging from delicious meals and snacks, buying fine wears for festive seasons, etc. And the most memorable one of such fun time is usually during Christmas, when you have to visit relatives and also have relatives come visiting, exchanging of gifts and pleasantries with family members, friends and well wishers.

But, as you go on and around the city there's this popular sound of music you will most likely hear, either in your home or buzzing from a neighbor's house or in the bus or amusement parks, wherever you go as long as is Christmas, and that song is Jingle Bell, am sure you know the song or you are familiar with it, here is how the theme of the song was first invented before it was coined into a song.

During the slave era when the slave owners have any form of suspicion of any of his slave planning to escape or has tried once or severally and was caught and brought back to the plantation, the owners then decides to put this hook with jingling bell around their neck, that whenever they try to run away the bells begin to jingle so much so that the are easily noticed.

Like i said earlier on that learning is a continuous process. If you like this article feel free leave your comment or share

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Jingle Bell


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