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See The Tribe In Nigeria That Locks Their Daughters Up Before Marriage!

Western civilization has taught us quite a lot of things but it's not everyone that learned. There's a tribe in Nigeria that believes a lady has to be fat in order to get married.

So, when it is time for her marriage deal to be sealed, she is taken into a room called "the fattening room". She is meant to stay there for a month and she is fed with different delicacies.

The thing about this is just that, the river goddess has to accept her into the room and her father must pay a price(coral beads). It is also a way to show that her father is rich.

In this room, she would be massages and pampered with different natural oils and beauty products just to add more flesh than normal. Then, after a month, she gets house and get married.

But in this world of civilization, should this still be a thing? Fat women are being body shamed everyday and you still want them to be fatter?

Pls, give your opinion in the comment section.

And lest I forget, the tribe is the Efik people of Cross river states, Calabar.

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