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How I got 13 straight Published Without Rejections despite being a new Writer in Opera News Hub.

Before Now I've heard and seen many writers on opera News Hub complain about how there articles are being rejected, Even How there articles get low clicks and Many more.

These grumblings had at first terrified me from composing for the stage as I am not a prepared essayist nor a blogger. In any case, because of some money related difficulties I had I chosen to give it a preliminary and take the bull by the horn.

Most of Us Writers thinks there's something fishy about getting rejected, well there's nothing fishy you just need to compose the write articles for The Opera Platform.

At first I thought publishing articles will be a hard Stuff for me but after I made my first article and it was published then I realized I could do better writing on the platform.

Below I'll be outlining few steps to successful publishing.

1: Avoid Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the usage of another author's ideas or expressions as one's own original work. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. 

2: Avoid Trendy Topics

Most times in other for writers to follow up trends we end up copying Articles , because it'll be really hard to make trendy news with saying what others have said.

3: Post more of Entertainment News

Entertainment is one of the most talked about thing in the society, Most people get amazed when they see their favorite Celebrities being talked about nicely.

4: Post Comparisms

E.g Between Davido and wizkid who is more handsome.

5: Make use of proper English

Usage of English is very essential in opera Platform , most writers use abbreviated words and such are not used on this platform.

6:Read Opera News Hub current Announcements

Most writers don't read announcements so they end up Making same mistakes again and again.

Thanks for reading if you find this article helpful pls leave a like.

You could ask questions below the comments section.

Content created and supplied by: 3plegxd (via Opera News )

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