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Among These Movie Industries, Which One is Your Best and Your Favorite?

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Film Industry is also known as the Motion Picture industry. As we all know, film industry consist of many institutions of film making, institutions such as Film Production companies, Film Studio, Cinematography, Animation, screen writing, pre and post production, actors and film directors. Films have generally make our world to be full of Fun and happiness.

We have many types of film industry. Film industry is generally recognized in almost all the countries in the world.

Types of Film Industries.

This is the list some film Industries. Tell us the one you love the most. Some films industries includes ;

1. Hollywood : Hollywood is the oldest film industry in the World and also the Largest film industry in terms of revenue. Hollywood is generally regarded as the Cinema of United States.

2. Nollywood : The Cinema of Nigeria is usually refers to as Nollywood. Nollywood is the second Largest film industry in terms of Output.

3. Bollywood : Bollywood produces Hindi Language based film. It is a part of the larger Indian film industry based in Mumbai. Bollywood is sometimes referred to s Hindi Cinema. It is the largest film industry in the World, in terms of the numbers of films released.

4. Pollywood : Pollywood produces films in Punjabi Language. It is a popular Cinema industry in India and Pakistan.

5. Lollywood : The name Lollywood is gotten from Hollywood. Lollywood is a Pakistan based film industry.

Other films industries includes;

6. Ghallywood : The Ghanaian film industry.

7. Swahiliwood : The Tanzanian Film industry.

8. Riverwood : The Kenyan Film industry.

9. Hallywood : The South Korean film industry.

10. Chinawood : The Chinese film industry.

Below are some of the pictures of the films acted in different film industry. They are merged together, some are from Hollywood, some are Bollywood, some are Indian film, etc.

Thanks for Reading.

From the Above listed Film industry, tell us the film industry you love the most.

If there is any other film industry you know that is not mentioned here, please be kind to tell us, by dropping it in the comment section.

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