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Check Out What Don Jazzy Said About Eating Noddles With Egg That Shows He Is Humble.

Don Jazzy is a true celebrity who does not live a classy life on social media. Celebrities post different photos online, photos of the meals they have, the clothes they wear, the shoes they put on, their rooms etc. just to make the fans know how rich they are.

Don Jazzy does not believe in that, up till date Don Jazzy still live cool life like he is an average Nigerian. That is just why he is a great man. He believes in helping the common man out of poverty not letting him know how rich he is without helping him. This is what true star does. Stars should light up the world for all not for themselves alone.

Hours ago Don Jazzy tweeted about eating noddles with eggs that Nigerians have made a tradition. And what he said about it is humbling. See his tweet below.

After the tweet some Persons started writing about their own feelings on the matter. A certain Twitter user Adeleke wrote,

"my friend saw me eating noddles sometimes lady week and it looked so weird to him. In his statement, 'he can never eat indomie without egg' and I was like who invented indomie and egg combo, who made it a standard, he couldn't respond".

See reactions to the tweet.

Don Jazzy could eat noddles without egg then why can't we eat as well and live according to our pockets. Don Jazzy is a wise man, get the information he was trying to pass. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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