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I Heard Sounds From My Maid's Room At Night, What I Found Inside Made Me Sad (Fiction)

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I got married to the love of my life about a year ago after we dated for about 5 years, I know it might be a long period, but we wanted to be sure so as not to be shocked by what we would see when we got married. 

He had this undying love for me, that in that period of courtship, he always calls me, he writes me poems that would always send chills down my spine, I loved him and I wanted to spend my whole life with him. 

Although my job was a thing of concern, as I was a banker and I would have to spend most of the hours of my days at work, I wasn't happy with him, but I am a career woman and there is little or nothing I could do. My husband is a businessman and we are well to do. 

Everything began to take an ugly turn when my husband told me some months back that he couldn't put up with the fact that he had to make his own meal and also help in the chores. So this made us decide on having a maid that could help with the daily chores at home. 

I spoke to my mother about this over the phone and she suggested she would get a very hardworking girl from Madina in the Greater Accra Region, and we stay in Accra.

Her name is Adzo and she was 18 years at that time, Adzo was beautiful, so I and my husband decided to enroll her into the Accra high school. 

It wasn't in my place to reject the idea of having a house help, but my mother and my husband coerced me that it would reduce the ton of works I do and that we would have much time to ourselves.

I employed Adzo, without knowing I was digging my early grave. 

Adzo is a very brilliant kid as we quickly learned about the things at home and also in school, but as we lived together, I noticed my husband starring at her in a manner I couldn't really pin down, as I never wanted to accuse him of what he wasn't doing. I grew more suspicious when he always got up from bed in the late hours of the night claiming he had business issues to think about and since his company was in a period of merging with another company, it was a good excuse.

Last night, he left as usual, but this time I decided to follow him, I went to his library, but he was not there, but in the dead of the night I could hear a voice from the guest room. I thought to myself, who stays in the guest room? And it struck me like lightning as I recalled it was my maid. 

I immediately went towards the room as I opened the door I found them talking and there was this expression on my husband's face. 

He lied that he was hearing voices and he wanted to check up on her and she claimed she was having nightmares.

We have been married for some time now and I have not taken in, is that the reason my husband would cheat on me. I didn't want to confront him because it would cause us to have issues because I understand men have egos.

What should I do? Because I'm lost of options. Kindly tell me what you think in the comment section.Thank you.

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