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Nollywood Acting Partnerships: 8 Acting Duos That Have Made The Most Movies Together (See Photos)

Sometimes, actors connect so well that they end up working together several times throughout their careers.

These pairs of actors are the ones who have shown up in the most stand-alone films together, sometimes in starring roles, sometimes only cameos. Most of the time, these pairs of actors have come to be seen as a partnership. We associate one with the other. It's hard not to think of them this way when they show up in so many films together

There are the iconic mother and son pairings like Yoruba actress, Fausat Balogun, better known as Madam Saje and Odunlade Adekola or romantic pairings of Eniola Ajao and Odunlade Adekola. Then there are the buddy comedy duos like Sanyeri and Kamilu Kompo or Okele and Ijebu.

All these guys have created a film partnership that makes sense as soon as we see them on the screen.

Here are 50 pairs of actors who have starred in multiple movies together throughout the years.

1- Fausat Balogun and Odunlade Adekola

Yoruba actress, Fausat Balogun, better known as Madam Saje, opened up on the reason she acts as the mother of younger colleague, Odunlade Adekola in movies. Speaking in an interview with City People, Madam Saje said she and Odunlade understand each other so well. “I act his mother, often in movies, and that is because, we both understand each other a lot, without even talking, I know his next actions in movies. He is my son, and we understand each other a lot. So with him as my son in movies, be rest assured that the interpretation will be perfectly done,” she said.

2- Odunlade Ademola and Eniola Ajao

Eniola Ajao is an actress popular for her movies in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood. The beautiful accounting graduate of the University of Lagos once debunked claims that she is in a romantic relationship with popular actor, Odunlade Adekola.

Speaking of her close relationship with Odunlade, she said :”I do call him a genius. He is a total package in this industry. He can sing; he’s a fantastic actor, a great director and producer. Just name it; my boss is a great man. Working with him has really made me to be who I am today, though the best in me is yet to come. I bless God for where I am today in the industry, through him. There’s no special relationship between my boss and I than that of an apprentice to a master. We are many (actors) under him and he treats us equally”, she told The Sun.

3- Sanyeri and Kamilu Kompo

Popular comic actor Kamilu Kompo, whose real name is Adekola Tijani is one of the most sought after Yoruba actors. He is also a producer and movie director. He has produced 10 movies. His first movie “Kamilu Kompo”, shot him to the limelight, in 2009. Since then, he has become a household name. He developed a passion for acting in the ’80s with his childhood friend, Olaniyi Afonja, popularly called Sanyeri. In 1995, they both relocated to Ijora in Lagos State for greener pastures. Before then, they did all sorts of menial jobs to make ends meet, like working in a bakery, shoemaking.

4- Opeyemi Ayeola and Jamiu Azeez

On several occasions we've seen this pair star in several movies. Fans even thought they were having an afair because of the closeness between them. However, both actors have denied if anything is ever between them, with Azeez saying that the only relationship between them is that of sibling love. He describes her as an older sister.

While a search of the Instagram account of Jamiu Azeez revealed numerous postings of pictures of both of them in embraces and arm locks, the actress only has a few of them.

The latest about the story now is that of the actor’s comments recently when Opeyemi marked her birthday.

He claimed that Opeyemi is her everything in life and she is her sugar rush. He posted the message on his social media account, Just take a look.

5- Sotayo Sobola and Ninalowo Bolanle

These pair have appeared in several movies together, and at a point we thought they were dating. But both actors debunked the rumour. Bolanle Ninalowo is happily married with lovely kids.

6- Okele and Ijebu

You all must have noticed that Ijebuu and Okele are part of the popular funny faces in Yoruba Nollywood movies.

Whenever you see them in a movie, just know that they professional comic relievers to make the movie more interesting to watch.

While Okele will be disturbing other serious actors in movies with funny talks, you will see Ijebuu fooling around with his pirated Ijebu accent in a funny way

Both of them are good and they mostly appear in movies together.

7- Odunlade Adekola and Ronke Odusanya a.k.a Flakky Ididowo

Odunlade Adekola and Ronke Odusanya a.k.a Flakky Ididowo are best friends, 

They became close friends after they met on the set of Odunlade's 1st movie, Emi Ni Ire Kan.

8- Anta Laniyan and Jaiye Kuti

An on-screen love story is only as good as the two actors who are bringing it to life. Luckily for audiences, there are some Nollywood pairings that have enough chemistry to carry multiple films, an example of such pairing is Anta Laniyan and Jaiye Kuti. 


You’ve probably noticed that some of these famous actors quite often appear together in different movies. Very often their mutual work becomes a real breakthrough in the careers of both actors. For example, this is exactly what happened to Sanyeri and Kamilu Kompo. Moreover, such a partnership on-screen might become the beginning of a long-term friendship and an impressive artistic union.

I hope that your favorite Yoruba actors will continue to amaze you with mutual projects. It’s not a secret that the key factor that attracts people to the movies is the cast of leading actors. If the favored duo takes part in another movie, it will definitely be a success. I'm sure such movies will be long-awaited and bright events.

Which of these couples and duos do you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Content created and supplied by: Sanyaoluoluwaseunisaac (via Opera News )

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