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5 strange things women do when alone that men know nothing about.

I've gotten to realize that there are some strange things that women do whenever they are alone. And funny enough the strange things women do, men know nothing about it, that is why am writing this so you can have knowledge about the secret women do when they are alone.

To have good understanding of what am saying read this article slowly and carefully. Here are the list of 5 things women do whenever they are alone, the first one I noticed was;

1. Cry along with their favorite movie star.

Girls get emotional at times, no matter whether it is a reality or not. Crying is something they love doing without any reason. Watching a romance movies and being in years is not a big deal for them.l, after all there is no one there to watch them.

2. Go dirty.

Going dirty on weekends is the most common things seen with girls. They can be more nasty than boys and complain about them for being so.

3. Twerk like nobody is watching.

Whenever girls feels bored and are alone they create new step themselves, infact they twerk as if they are in a club party.

4. Dancing around.

Girls find liberty when they are been left alone which certainly calls up for a fun time. Dancing to their favorite song like there is no tomorrow is one of the strange things they love doing.

5. Sleep all day.

And finally I noticed they find great joy being at home alone and spending a quality with their bed and chill all day long. There won't be no annoying alarms, nobody to wake them up l. It's just them and their bed for that day.

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