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5 Co Stars Who Physically Fought Each Other On Set

Here are 5 notable cases of co-stars getting into physical fights, to show how crazy filmmaking can become.

Tom Cruise Vs Rob Lowe

In 1983, The duo was cast in “The Outsiders”. reports has it that during rehearsals, the two got too into the fight. Rob hit Tom a bit too hard and Tom responded with a real punch. They finished the film and the two brush this off as just youthful exuberance.

Steven Vs John 

Due to his massive ego and temper, Steve is no anyone’s favorite in the industry. In 1996’s Executive Decision, John Leguizamo played a soldier in the film and was joking around with Steven on set of the movie and Steven who was in no mood phase, declared “I’m in command ” before hitting John with an elbow and slamming him into a wall.

George Clooney Vs David O. Russell

In 1999’s Three Kings, when David was filming in the desert and the heat caused tempers to flare. This prompted George to stepped in to stop David from taking in extra. Soon, the two were brawling it out and had to be pulled apart. The movie became a hit, but George vowed to never work with Russell again.

Richard Vs Sylvester Stallone

Back in 1974, Sly and Richard in Lords of Flat bush. Richard deliberately spilled his lunch onto Stallone’s pants, prompting Sly to elbowing him to start a fight. 

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