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After seeing this i have to admit that Hollywood are nothing but geniuses

Most movie scenes that you think are filmed in spectacular locations are nothing but visual effects.

Below you will find some wonderful examples of visual effects from some of the most popular films. Take a look at the revealing before-and-after pictures that have been compiled for you. You will never look at movies in the same way again.

The Avengers

wonderful....isn't it?


VFX artists are people who works in the visual effects industry, they are responsible for bringing many of our favorite visual effects to our screen, they are very creative people with with wonderful artistic skills. Without them, these awesome movies wouldn’t exist.

Alice in wonderland


Deadly Honeymoon.

Check this...

Boardwalk Empire


Game of thrones

Oh my God!

The Hobbit

Hollywood why?

Iron man

This is awesome

Life Of Pi

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Pirates of the caribbean

Oz the great and powerful

The dark knight

Have you ever wonder how movie directors get that large number of crowd to act in a scene? Here is a tip.

Those wonderful acrobatic display on movies are nothing but visual effects

The walking dead

Let's stop here, but while watching your movies remember that most of them are work of creative visual effects.

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Alice Avatar Avengers Hollywood Waoh


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