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"If Your Wife Starts Buying Meat From The Market, You've Failed As A Husband" - Online Doctor

Scrolling through Twitter this evening as makes me to jam a tweets of an online doctor popularly known as "Aproko doctor", who is known for educating and enlightening people concerning their health and also teaching about humanity. This evening, Aproko doctor as come again with something hilarious and funny. Reading his tweets, he made it known that, as a husband your wife shouldn't be the one going to market to purchase meat for the house as it was the husband's duty to do that.

His tweets goes like this;

"If your wife starts buying meat from the market, you've failed as a husband. You should be in the forest hunting bushrats"

Aproko is known for his wonderful and amazing health tips. But this evening, the online doctor came up with something funny and hilarious. In my own opinion, it seems the doctor wanted to put a smile on people's face by cracking a joke, as laughter is also a good medicine.

His tweets as caused a lot of reactions on Twitter and these are some reactions of people.

"Not for or against, let everyone do and practice what works for them and the fact that it works for you doesn’t mean you impose same on others or crucify them for not doing same."

"Omo, if today married men begin hunt for meat ehn, some women will not even know their husbands again o, antelope marks on face, blood on their bodies, some will even be smelling like the animals. 

Abeg leave butchering and hunting for those wey Sabi the things"

What do you have to say about this, do you agree with what the doctor said? Leave a comment and don't forget to like and share.

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