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Seems Women Are Beginning To Get Jealous of Bobrisky. See What One Lady Posted

Note: Pictures used for illustrative purposes only

If you are male (I mean the type that was born with a biological joystick), this is the point where you stop reading. This is particularly for the ladies. Lest I forget, it was necessary that i explained the kind of ''male'' I was talking about because that is the situation we have found ourselves in the world today. Some people now choose or prefer to associate their person with a gender that ''they were not born with.'' Are you aware that we now have over 58 different genders? No worries, that is a topic for another day.

The Issue to be looked at today was sparked by a recent occurrence relating to Bobrisky. I believe we all know who he is........

At this juncture, I will throw a some questions for our ladies to answer:

Why is it that it is almost impossible to have more than two women in one place for a long time without them having a misunderstanding?

Is it just the nature of women, or it is not that deep and they only just hate eachother deep down?

It is almost impossible to see genuine friendship between ladies. The ones reading can confirm this in the comments section.

I have also noticed that the cutest girls have it the worst. Because they are mostly surrounded by jealous females who wish they could steal the beauty for themselves. Some even end up being close friends with them, just to keep their envy eyes very close. The ''super pretty'' ladies know what i am talking about.

It is also a known fact that ladies tend to be attracted to what they believe (for some reason) that they cannot or should not have. This explains why girls tends to be more attracted to bad boys. It is not their fault, they cannot resist or help themselves. It also explains why ladies love making friends with gays (male). I am sure one or two people can attest to the fact that these gays always have lots of girls around them. The idea that a guy cannot be attracted to them only make them attracted to them. That is human females for you.

Based on the analogies above, what do you think would happen when these gays start dressing like women and using makeup?

I believe that this would really leave many females confused. I will tell you why below:

The females are attracted to the gays due to the display of feminine characteristics, and the gays (who have a biological joystick) cannot get attracted to them.

The conflict comes in when these gays start using makeup, and start looking prettier than the ladies themselves. It sends a rush of mixed emotions. This is due to the fact that these gays on makeup are now being seen as ''rivals''.

Now it is time to give an evidence to this claim. It actually happened recently, and it involves Bobrisky.

Bobrisky recently posted a picture where he had a baby bump, and one particular lady seemed to have a lot to say about it. Go through it yourself, and then be the judge.

See the picture Bobrisky posted below:

Now, you be the judge.

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