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'They Are Beautiful'- See Photoshoots Of Risikat, The Blue-Eyed Mom Who Was Abandon By Her Husband

'She is beautiful'- See recent photoshoots of Risikat, the blue-eyed mom of 2 who was abandoned by her husband.

If you could remember vividly, there was news that was circulating the social media about a blue-eyed woman whose husband abandons both her and the kids because they have a rare eye colour.

The news quickly trends all over social media and it gathered many reactions as some were really angry and wonder why the man left the woman just because she and the kids have blue eyes.

Mrs Risikat AbdulAzeez who is from Ilorin was Abandon by her husband because she and her 2 daughters have blue eyes. It was first reported by a lady who travelled to Ilorin for Ileya as she posted on her Facebook page about 2 daughters who were abandoned by their father. It got many reactions, then the mother came out afterwards to narrate her story.

However, a photographer has made photoshoot about the beautiful blue-eyed mother and posted it on his twitter and Instagram page. The photographer who goes by the name Adebayo Abayomi posted that he got a call in the late hours of yesterday to make a documentary about the Blue-eyed mother, Risikat and her 2 Kids.

He revealed that after he set his eyes on them he was amazed at how God created us and how magnificent he created us beautifully and amazingly. He also said must people condemn a person because of their looks, shape, eyes or colour... He replied, No!

He also said that the beautiful blue-eyed mother, Riskat has accepted it as her fate.

See Photoshoots of the beautiful lady and her daughters.

Wow, this is beautiful!

Don't you think?

This is really beautiful.... May God bless the Guy that made this photoshoot.

Having Blue eyes is not a disease.

Having Blue eyes is not evil.

Having Blue eyes doesn't make the person a witch.

Isn't she beautiful?

Please, share for everyone to see the beauty of this woman.


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