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Motivational Words: Before You Sleep, Mediate On These Words

Before You Sleep, Mediate On These Words

The decisions you made today, will come back tomorrow to uplift you and to break you down.

When you are making decisions, don't bother about the moment, rather think of the future.

Never be in a hurry to say Yes and never be in a hurry to say No. The difference between here and there is T. 

Always have the Time to think about your decisions.

Life is leading us to a journey of unknown destination, not everyone will get there, make use of the opportunity you got now.

Respect everyone, fear no one, show kindness to the sick, be humble to the rich and be meek to the poor.

Believe in something, if nothing, believe in yourself. Other people plans may sound good, but your own plans for your self will always be better.

No matter how life treat you, always be good, don't change your nature before of life issue.

The best you can be , is yourself

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