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OPINION: This Is What Mirror Is Known For In The Spiritual Realm, If You Doubt It Ask Your Pastor

Most people don't know what mirror is known for, in the spiritual realm because some of them seems to believe the old saying, that mirrors are known for evil, but is not true the mirror you see is a reflection of your real self so through that mirror you will know what is know with your life where you need to do some adjustments, nobody will tell you that your face is not good while is good you will definitely see if your face is good or bad this implies to the spiritual realm.

Let me give you an example, you see if a bad person calls your name in font of an evil mirror if you are a good child of God your photo won't show on that mirror but do you know who's photo is going to show? The photo of the Almighty and and you know why? Because He lives in you.

So don't come out to say that mirror is this one or is not this one, know that mirror is a good thing in the spiritual realm, if only you can see it and adjust your self up rightly in the Lord and if you doubt it ask your pastor he will even explain better.

I know many people may ask how can use mirror to adjust myself in the spiritual realm? Now only you know the things that you are not doing right, you need to change so that those bad people using mirror to check on you will see a reason not to joke with your life again.

Now in the spiritual realm, mirror is known for the identification of people through the human world, like how they are living their lives if they are serious in life or not and trust me nature works with this mirror, it determines the kind of favour or luck that can come to your life.

Now bad people can place another photo which is not true about your life so when it reflects to nature in the spiritual realm, nature can give you what it saw in the spiritual realm that is when you hear someone just fall sick or died just like. That's why you need to be serious in life and welcome God into your life so that he will represent you in the mirror which is in the spiritual realm so that good things will be coming your way every time and no evil person can manipulate you over there. Let's hear from you on the comment section.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to say what you think about this and also follow me up for more updates.

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