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37 Pictures of Genevieve Nnaji from 2010 to 2020 that Prove She is Sweet 16

Genevieve Nnaji has been a household name in Nigeria for well over a decade. If you are looking for who to use the word celebrity with, Genevieve is definitely the right person to do so with. She is a pure beauty and over the years has gotten so many admirers from around the world on her matter.

At age 40, she still has retained her beautiful appearance and her slim body shape. This has made many question if she has grown up at all. Normally you will expect that she will already be looking so old and grey. But Genevieve has defied the odds to stay 'sweet 16' in every sense of the word.

I decided to do an in-depth research on beauty queen Genevieve over the past few years to keep track of whether at all she has aged. Well, you'll get the chance to make up your mind if you can see any difference as you go through these beautiful pictures that lets you know that age has gotten nothing to do with youthfulness.








Wow. You are halfway through already? Such stunning beauty if you ask me.

Are you ready for the remaining 5 years? You definitely won't believe what you are set to see. This amazing Nigerian actress, producer, director, model and singer is such a classy and beautiful being to watch.

It would be nice to know her beauty secrets don't you think? I am sure many ladies will like to keep to being so sweet over the years like Genevieve.

Let's continue:






And there you go! The Queen Genevieve has got no chill. Skin game on fleek, everything is popping. Did I hear you say money is good? Well, there are people that are rich like Genevieve and are not even close to being as trim as she is.

This thing boils down to a lot of skin care, proper diet and many other beauty regimes.

Before you give another excuse about why you can't achieve your body goals, come back to this article and see how one woman has kept it consistent over the past 10 years effortlessly. This is not a small feat at all.

So what do you think? Had Genevieve aged at all in your eyes? Or is she still the stunning beauty and sweet 16 she has always been?

What do you think her secret is? Shouldn't you share this post to show the world how wonderful our own Nigerian beauty is? I think you should.


Drop your thoughts in the comment section below and let's hear you out.

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