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2 Essential reasons why people fail. (In the race of destiny.)

First let look at what destiny mean at a glance.

Destiny in life means working toward your future, or Destiny in life is your soul's call to greatness, it is the potential for what you could be, but it's up to you to answer that call. it involve stepping outside your comfort zone, and taking a risk it's take the life you are given and creating the life you deserve.

Many men fail to reach their destiny in life, because they did not follow the right step or procedure, so they remain stagnated and their life can not bring out better result.

Now that you have understand what destiny means let us look at the 2 criteria men need to work on so they can succeed in in life below:

The number (1) one reason why men fail which is tested and trusted and proven is called "SIN" yes sin, sin simply means doing what God almighty hate.

sin have been the reason for the fall of many people. From SAMSON, to SOLOMON of the old.(refer to the bible) know time i would have talk more on them but just brief the case of ADAM and EVE and JOB.

The bible said the moment ADAM and EVE sinned they were sent out the their place of enjoyment, out of their original place created for them by God himself. know time i can't really emphasize on Adam and Eve topic but please read Genesis 3:22-24.

Now let us look at another close prove why sin is the reason behind the fall of men from the bible again.

Job was a worthy and a famous man in a land called UZ. He love God and keep all his commandment, he was faithful and careful enough not to do anything God hate. And because if that God bless him more than everyone in the land. In Job 1-9 to 10 please read what devil himself said to God about Job, them devil answered the lord and said does (reverently ) fear God fear for nothing? if you are to (paraphrased) it now the devil is saying he, himself knows it pay to serve GOD. In verse 10 He continue (devil) have you not put a hedge about him? and his house and all that he has on every side? you have conferred prosperity and happiness upon him in the work of his hands? bla bla bla (know time please)

Dear reader at list by now you must have seen why men fail, please learn to put God first in your carrier and in life in everything you you do and you will experience a dramatic turn around (positively). Because Job serve him and keep his commandment and was faithful, even during the time of his misfortune he still hold him and remain faithful he was blessed ten thousand times as he was before.

It pays to serve GOD dear....



People this days don't take life serious again, sit down and think what give you joy when doing? that your area of calling develop it nurture it and become a better person in life. If you are called to be a pastor or a preacher please develop love for reading, read book and don't come and stand at the alter and be making noise or talk out of point. If you are to become a musician please don't just go into music to become a celebrity. If you want be a trader sit and learn the business strategy very well before venturing it the business etc. In what ever area of carrier you wish to go please develop yourself.

It pays to be diligent and focus... Read books that take about your calling. look for a mentor. set your eyes on the positive things around you.

The different between the poor people and the celebrity is that the poor did not bother to work hard enough but any man or woman that is celebrated today understand the procedure which is hard work plus prayer and determination...



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