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See What I saw inside my Brother's Compound after He Travelled

For months and months now, i have been doing close to nothing in my Parents' house and I was fed up staying with them, I just needed an aura of fresh air, fresh views and fresh environment. I just needed to go somewhere new. I have an elder brother who also lives in Enugu but it was an hours-journey to his place. He was already married and doing very well for himself and I longed to be pretty much like him and even more but I was still in the University and still needed to wait for a few years to blow like him. 

I have been to his house twice already but that was last year, I stayed for close to two weeks on each occasion and I found out that there was only one bad side with staying in his house... His wife

He married two years ago but they haven't been able to bear children yet. I noticed that his wife has always been blunt and cold towards me. I just couldn't tell why. 

Anyways, I didn't care and just wanted to leave the house. I informed my brother of my coming to his house and he accepted but also told me that I should make it early enough in the morning of the next day being yesterday, Saturday. 

I came just in time to see my elder brother packing some stuff. He was on his way to the village and we had very little time to catch up. He didn't like going on long journeys with his car so I escorted him to the park. 

On getting back to his house, I knew it would be awkward silence in the house and I was right. She managed to make me dinner and that was all. She was still treating me like I was a stranger for reasons beat known to her. 

Next morning, I offered to wash my brother's clothes and she reluctantly accepted. 

I went outside to the washing and while I was on it, I spotted two very strange looking things above my brother's windows on both sides. I manage to put myself together and finished washing the clothes.

I was about to go meet his wife to tell her of my findings when I realized that it might be what people know as Village people's visit... I mean it might be something that has spiritual attachment. So given the level of relationship with my Brother's wife. I couldn't tell how she will react or handle it. I don't want to enter any form of trouble because I truly Fear women. 

I really couldn't sleep last night and I came up with the idea of seeking my next line of action from you all. 

Please I need your advice on this... What should I do now... My brother won't be back until Tuesday. 

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