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Toyin Abraham: What Every Lady Must Learn from Her Marriage

Toyin Abraham formerly known as Toyin Aimakhu, she is an actress, filmmaker, producer, director. She was born on the 5th of September 1982 in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. She was bred and brought up in Ibadan, Oyo state where she graduated from the Polytechnic of Ibadan and later went to Olabisi Onabanjo University where she studied Philosophy. She began acting in 2003, when Bukky Wright (a veteran Nigerian Nollywood actress), visited Ibadan for movie a production. Toyin has starred in over 100 plus movies, where she acts as the director, producer, and actor. In 2013, her movie 'Alakada' became the talk of the town which led to her stardom, these are the few to mention from the movies she has been featured, 'Alakada, Okafor's Law, Alakada Reloaded, Seven and half dates, Bling Lagosians, and in 2020, Dear Affy', she has worked with so many stars in the movie industry, the likes of Odunlade Adekola, Bolaji Amusan, Annie Idibia, Bolanle Ninalowo, Omoni Oboli and many more. She was nominated for the best-supporting actress in a Yoruba film titled 'Ebimi ni', she was also nominated in 2013 for the best lead actress in the 'Ayitale' movie.

Toyin Abraham tied the knot with Adeniyi Johnson on July 8, 2013, at the Ikoyi marriage registry in Lagos, the union lasted for 2 years, she discovered that her husband was having extra marital affairs. It was also said by her ex-husband that "Toyin was having an affair with Seun Egbegbe when they were still married". Thereafter, the duo lovers gone their separate ways.

In 2019, after four years of the union with Adeniyi Johnson, Toyin got married to Kolawole Oluwasegun Ajeyemi known as 'Awilo', he is a Nigerian Nollywood actor, and have featured in more than 80 movies. He had a daughter with an unknown woman to the public, they got married on the 4th of July 2019, and blessed with a wonderful boy. According to Toyin, "Kolawole is a reserved man, quiet and calm, he is the type of guy that would accept you just the way you are, he won't try to let you feel bad about yourself or try to change you". He is a great guy.

Two lessons every lady must learn from Toyin Abraham's life:

Only God gives the best, stop searching for the perfect man:

Before she accepted the marriage proposal of Adeniyi Johnson, he loved everything about Johnson, his fluent English in soaps opera like Tinsel, among others. His family and everything about him.

When they finally got married their pictures were everywhere on the internet, and many thoughts their love is genuine from the outer looks. It makes it hard for their fans to believe when it was disclosed that they have dissolved their union, they are one of the most celebrated couples on Instagram. At the end of everything, it ends in tears.

No one could believe, she could marry Kolawole Ajeyemi, she might have remembered a quote that says, 'Not everything that glitters is gold'. She prayed to God and indeed God blessed her with a great and amazing husband. No matter how educated, influential or famous, getting married to the right partner is not a thing someone can achieve with intellectual abilities, you have to consult God to guide, and to send the right guy to your path. Many would prefer Adeniyi Johnson than Kolawole Ajeyemi as Toyin's husband, but it's beyond that in God's hand.

Their union had brought a lot of joy, peace and open doors, blessings most especially the birth of their son, top celebrities like Annie Idibia, Bolanle Ninalowo and wife, and other Nigeria stars went to their house to bless the child with a gift. Her relationship with Johnson didn't yield anything, many thoughts she was barren, but it was not. Nobody can take the place of God, only God gives the perfect husband and wife!

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Dating married men will only make your life more complicated:

Toyin Abraham said in an interview with, "I do not have anything against people that date married men and I would never do such". None of her exes were married, she prefers someone at her age range than getting involved in a relationship with a married man.

Ladies stop dating married men, it's true they know how to pamper, and take good care of a lady with their money, but the end of it is always painful. You can achieve more independently with hard work, and God blessings without dating a married man or sugar daddy. How would you feel if your daughter is having an affair with a married man that is old enough to be her father? Let's be realistic, you would feel bad, it's so obvious that we are faced with life challenges every day, but satisfying a married man sexual urge would only take you to your early grave. Stand to your feet today, go out there and learn a skill, master it very well, and ask God for directions He will definitely answer all of your prayers and grant your heart desires.

A virtuous woman is every men dream wife, not someone that depends on her spouse for everything to the extent of buying a new set of underwear on credit waiting for her husband to come and pay the bills. Be a self-independent woman, someone that is financially stable. Focus on how you can build your future, start learning a new skill, course online, do something, and always depend on God for directions and guidance. Shalom!

What are the dangers of dating a married men?

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