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"After I Sent My CV To My Dad, He Gave Me A Hug And Said He Was Proud Of Me" - Man Shares

It's a beautiful and a great feeling when you get support from your parents and they show up for you whenever you need them and even when they are not available physically, they always give you mental support. Appreciate them because they are doing a great job and let them know you're lucky to have them and I'm sure they feel the same way too.

Here's a case of a young man identifed as Adejoro Daniel on Twitter who shared his experience with his dad recently. According to him, he sent his Curriculum Vitae (CV) to his father and the dad came to his room at night and the eazy he reacted showed that he was proud of him. The father didn't know that apart from studying accounting, his son had interests in other things and that made him happy as he hugged him and told him that he's proud of him.

A CV is short written summary of a person's career, qualifications, and education.

People reacted saying it was a beautiful thing to read and also it feels good to be appreciated after doing some things. Have you gotten this kind of reaction from your parents or friends? How did you feel about it? Let's know as you share your thoughts below.

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