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Nickelodeon: Between Piper And Martin Who Is Prettier? (See Photos).

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Today topic is about between charlotte and Piper who is prettier.( See photos)


Piper Hart is the president of the man fans . Piper goes by the name of Ella Anderson born on 26 of March 2005 in Ypsilanti, machigan, USA. she was well-known and porpular know as Piper Hart in the Nickelodeon TV series called Henry danger and the adventure of kid danger. Ella Anderson has over 1 million followers in her Facebook and Instagram. And she have also appeared in 2014 live-action fairly Odd Parents. Ella Anderson is one of the popular and most beautiful actress in Nickelodeon.


martin gose as the name as isabela moner she was born on 10 July 2001 in Cleveland. Isabela moner known as Martin is American actress and singer. Isabella is porpular casted and well known as CJ Martin in the Nickelodeon TV series called 100 things to do before high school. when Martin was six she perform her first play when she was 6 years old. she is a young superstar and fashionable female actress in Nickelodeon. she has casted and well played in the series called Splitting Adam.

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