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Literature Poetry

Jokes: Make Your Day A Beautiful One By Reading This Letter That Will Make You Forget Your Sorrows.

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When a boy is madly in love, he can do anything just to get you. But the funny thing is that, the girl will begin to misbehave.

Can you imagine a person that cannot write a simple letter to his girlfriend to become a lectural?

Some people says that love is blind. But how do you manage to find the person you are in love with, since you can see?

How can a person that reads book always write like this? We at least expect a hard working student to know how to spell very well.

I'm very sure that all this while the writer just attend a native school. So that he can learn how to speak in tongues.

Below is the letter that will make you smile. You will thank God for you can read and express your thoughts about something.

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