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Remember The Lady Who Acted As The Female Terminator In The Movie, See Recent Photos Her Since Then

We can all remember the Terminator movie and how stunning it was when it was released.

In this article, we are going to be seeing pictures of the girl who acted in the Terminator 3 movie and how beautiful she's still looking in her recent pictures.

As we all know, terminator is a movie that caught the hearts of a lot of people and still continues to remain with us. When we recall back at the way Arnold Schwarzenegger played his role as the Terminator, we'll all want to watch the movie again.

But we are going to be looking at the main Actor in Terminator 3 movie which is also called the rise of the machine. We all know her as the female terminator and she acted the film in 2003, where she entertained us with her stunning abilities in the movie.

Her name is Loken Kristanna. She was born in the 8th of October, 1979 in New York. Her mother was a fashion model and she was also a good writer, and her father was into the farming business and he was an apple farmer.

Kristanna Loken is the named of the female New York. Her career follows on how she was a contestant in the Elite Model Look in 1994, coming out as the 3rd runner-up.

She also started her acting career that year. As at 1998, that was when she acted her first official film and acted as Taja in Mortal Kombat. As at 2003, she played the role of female Terminator in the Terminator movie and it gave her fame that year.

And since then, she has been acting many other interesting movies.

Check out photos of her below;

Above is a photo of her in a movie named, In the name of the king.

This is a photo of her and Arnold Schwarzenegger together.

What do you think about her? Have you all watched the Terminator 3 movie, and how do you all feel about her role there? Which of her film apart from this have you watched and recognized her? Drop your comments below and don't forget to follow and share and like

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