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BBNaija: Two Similar Sacrifices Both Saga And Ozo Made For The Women They Liked In Big Brother House

There are a lot of similarities between the Lockdown housemates and the Shine Ya Eye Housemates. We saw similar love entanglements, friendships, romances, bromances, agape loves amongst others in the just concluded BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Edition. In this article, we will get to know the two sacrifices that Ozo and Saga made for the women they love in the house.

Ozo and Nengi, Saga and Nini

You may recall that Ozo was fond of Nengi while they were in the house and he did almost everything possible to win Nengi’s heart. Similarly, Saga connected with Nini on a romantic level and he tried as much as he could to win Nini’s heart. However, both Nengi and Nini claimed they had someone waiting for them outside.

Ozo and Nengi

Nengi said she had a boyfriend outside the house but this did not stop Ozo from expressing how he felt about her. Same thing happened this year too with Nini and Saga. Nini repeatedly told Saga that there is a man waiting for her outside the house but that also did not stop Saga from expressing how he felt about her.

Saga and Nini

Here are the two similar sacrifices Saga and Ozo made for the women they cherished in the house

1. Saga sacrificed all the rewards that Big Brother promised to give him if he successfully accomplished the task he assigned to him. He was instructed by Big Brother to fake a fight with Nini until his next diary session but Saga decided to pick Nini over Big Brother.

Saga's punishment after he forfeited all the rewards

Saga followed his heart and disobeyed Big Brother’s instructions. He did not only defy Big Brother’s instruction, Saga went ahead to break Biggie’s rule by revealing all the details of his conversation with Big Brother to Nini. He forfeited all the rewards attached to the task and got the punishments all for the woman he liked, Nini.

2. Similarly, Ozo risked going against Big Brother’s rules on communications by writing a love letter to Nengi. The housemates were all aware that Big Brother doesn’t allow the housemates to communicate to each other in Morse codes, mouthing words or writing secret messages to each other but Ozo risked it all for the woman he liked. At the end of the day, he was given a strike by Big Brother.

Ozo got a strke

Ozo and Saga both made similar sacrifices for the women they liked in the house. They both express themselves to the women they are fond of irrespective of what was at stake.

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