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BBNaija Star Neo Akpofure Reacts to The Sweet Palm Oil Rice Challenge Currently Going on Social Media

Former BBNaija Lockdown edition, Neo Akpofure has taken to his Twitter's page to complain over the Sweet Palm Oil rice challenge many people are currently engaging in, he had via Twitter expressed his displeasure at the current trend by stating via his Twitter's page that '' This country that there is hunger, people are wasting ingredients for Sweet Palm Oil rice, all because of this challenge '' which is just the right expression to make for someone who is not out of touch with the reality of inflation and high cost of living in the country. 

His intention might be motivated by the benefit of engaging in such type of challenge, when there are a lot of people out there who might be struggling to have the required funds just to purchase Palm oil that are being wasted all in the name of engaging in a challenge? A feat that holds no value to anyone, but is just another internet trend that many people just like to engage in to spark reactions from their friends, and followers that is just one of the basic reasons why many people engage in various sensational internet challenges.

While Neo might be concerned, for many people you just can't get too serious with life, there is that need to joke around, let down your hair, and just have fun, life's problem is something that will always be there no matter how we try to fix them or talk about them, but as humans it is in our best interest to live our lives to the fullest and sometimes get lost in the problem that thinking never solves, so Neo can chill a bit, wasting a bit of Palm oil in Nigeria wouldn't stop its problem, after all other countries are known for involving in tomatoes, pepper and color carnivals where they waste some precious agricultural products.

Images credit: Google and Neo's Twitter's page.

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