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Checkout These 25 Hilarious Jokes and Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh and Forget Your Sorrow

You will be shouting Marlians.. Marlians... But if you see mad man coming from one side of the road, you will now cross to the other side.. Rubbish..

If you think that you are useless in life... Don't forget that arsenal trains every day..

Can someone just help me to tell my landlord that all my debts were paid on the cross... I don't know why he is disturbing me..

I can never be satisfied with technology until I am able to download food online..

Childhood is like being drunk... Everyone remembers what you did except you..

I have applied for police force recruitment today... Should I start arresting people or wait till I am selected?

I might not be good in cooking... But if I warm food for you eh.. You must request for another one...

Being ugly does not mean that you should stay indoors. Walk around sometimes so that children will laugh small..

If you are ugly, you are ugly.. there is nothing like inner beauty .. have you ever seen short people talking about inner height... Nonsense..

Breaking news... All short people are now allowed to use their full picture as passport.. this is not my handwriting o..


Thank you.

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