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These Are The Uncommon Tricks Your Lover Will Use To Break Up With You.

You may have heard your partner said to you that he or she needs some space from you in the relationship.

The above words simply would have meant that;

1) Someone else has taken your position in his or her heart so therefore you are no longer needed. 

2) It also means that you have been the opposite of what she wants in her love life, the ways at which you have been treating her is better for her to quit the relationship for you.

You are getting on her nerves with your characters, nagging, complaining of so many things or you are requesting so much from her and for this reason, she wants to be certain that she really loves you and you can take care of her emotionally enough before accepting to do anything with you.

3) It also means that she has found someone else, and it is better to replace you. Someone somewhere is giving her the love she has long ago requested from you. The attention she requested from you and the care she has been asking of you. Money is not the only way to make a woman feel loved.

4) She needs freedom for her to be attracted to someone who can be more serious in the relationship than you without you been interrupted or without you noticing it.

5) This is another polite way to break-up with you without hurting your feelings for him or her. With this tricks, she can come back tomorrow to request for a relationship with you, that is if she is later being disappointed by the person that made her to break up with you.

Some time a formal boyfriend will start calling you every day, telling you how much he loves you and has missed you so much, then start asking you to come back to him that he can't do without you, that he wants to marry you. All this is because he is disappointed by the person that made him to tell you to give him space.

6) When he or she needs some Time off from your side. Especially after living in a tough time with you and still financially things are not getting better.

For this reason she will want to think about herself without you. Within this time, she will not entertain phone calls and messages from you. If care is not taking, that will be the end of the relationship.

7) This also means that she needs time to focus on herself without you in the picture, without thinking about the love you guys had shared together.

Most times this doesn't bring a complete break down in communication but it usually a clear picture that something is wrongly going to happen between you guys.

When your relationship gets sore or your lover doesn't find you attractive, one of the easiest ways to discharge you out of their presence in the relationship is to request for a space from you.

Within this time, don't completely back off, otherwise it will be a complete break up and that is going to be painful.

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